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In today’s highly competitive business environment, building a successful business requires not only an excellent product or service, but also the ability to build lifetime partnerships with clients. This philosophy is one of the pillars on which we have built our business at Contour.

Not only have we gained excellent product knowledge of the bedding industry over the last 40 years, we have also developed long and sustainable relationships with our clients, and a solid understanding of their needs. As one of the pioneers in the development of the independent bedding industry in the Western Cape, we have developed into one of the most recognised independent bedding manufacturers in South Africa and supply national and regional retailers with bedding solutions that are tailor-made for their individual businesses.

In addition to our local expertise, we have gone one step further by partnering with one of the major international players in the hospitality and retail industries to become the premier supplier to hospitality and retail establishments in South Africa.

Contour holds the rights to manufacture and distribute the prestigious Hypnos range of mattresses in Southern Africa. As the UK’s no 1 supplier of mattresses to the hospitality industry, Hypnos also boasts the prestigious Royal Warrant bestowed on them by HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Hypnos is also the first bed maker in the world to become carbon neutral and the only one to hold this status for over 7 years. With nearly 1.4 million mattresses sold in over 40 countries, we can truly say that we provide a world-class offering right here in South Africa.

Corporate responsibility

We embrace the spirit and intention of good corporate citizenship. We engage with all our stakeholders and take into account the social and natural environment in which we operate.

Vision & mission

Contour strives to be the leading producer of high-quality and innovative bedding and related products to the hospitality, commercial and retail industries in Africa. We also aim to play a leading role in developing the African bedding market.

We aim to achieve this via:

  • a transparent approach to business and in providing our clients with all the relevant product information required to make informed decisions.
  • close partnerships with our clients and to jointly build and create strategies to ensure success.
  • an absolute commitment towards the products we manufacture as well as to our customers.
  • sustainability, which we believe is the key to long-term success.
Our values
  • Integrity
  • Product and service quality
  • Customer service
  • Economic sustainability
Company details

Registered company name: Contour Beds (Pty) Ltd.
Company registration number: 2011/008396/07
VAT registration number: 4160258937
BBEEE rating: Level 6
Address of the owner: 8–10 Packer Avenue, Epping 2, Cape Town
Website address: www.contourbeds.co.za
Codes of conduct to which this company subscribes: Contour Beds’ Code of Conduct
Main business: Manufacturing of spring and foam mattresses and bases

Physical address
8-10 Packer Avenue
Epping 2
Cape Town

Postal address
Private Bag X19

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